Get Early Periodontal Disease Diagnosis at Ballantyne Family Dentistry

What is Periodontal Disease Diagnosis?

Periodontal disease, often referred to as gum disease, is one of the most common dental-related disorders. It affects billions of people, with almost half of all adults over the age of 30 with some form of the condition. Diagnosing the disease early on can help when it comes to getting the treatment that is needed. Diagnosing gum disease is easy and can take just minutes in our office.

Why would you need to Diagnose Periodontal Disease?

If you fail to diagnose periodontal disease early on, the condition can and will eventually worsen. Periodontal disease occurs when pockets form between the teeth and gums. These pockets become breeding grounds for bacteria and plaque, further progressing the disease. Over time, gum disease can cause tooth and even underlying bone loss.

Who is susceptible to Periodontal Disease?

Adults who do not have the best oral hygiene habits or who may not visit the dentist often enough are more susceptible to developing gum disease than others. Gum disease is often caused by a bacterial infection of the gums that causes the soft tissue to separate from the tooth. This bacterial infection further infiltrates the gums and causes tooth and bone loss over time.

What can you do if you receive a Periodontal Disease Diagnosis?

A periodontal disease diagnosis is done in our office in just a few minutes. We will use a small, safe probe to measure the pockets around each of your teeth. In general, pocketing that is deeper than 3mm could be a sign of gum disease. Other signs of gum disease include bleeding, inflammation, loose teeth and persistent bad breath. If it’s found that you have gum disease, we can offer many different treatment options to better suit your dental needs. It is best to begin treatment early on for your gum disease so that it does not get to the point of tooth and bone loss.

If you think you might have periodontal disease and want to come into the office for a checkup, call us today and we will be able to further assist you.

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